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#04310 - Comfort X Step-In Harness V2

#04310 - Comfort X Step-In Harness V2

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What's New in Version 2?

Version 2 retains the same signature Choke-free X-Frame Design. On top of that, here's what we improved.

  • Thicker Soft Mesh - extra layer of breathable mesh for extra padding and comfort.
  • 2-Tone Color - vibrant and unique colors that pop.
  • Quick Release Buckle - easier on your fingers and requires less effort to open.

Why Comfort X?

Did you know that small dogs are more prone to neck injuries from regular collars due to their smaller physique and neck structure?

This is especially true if your little furry member is a strong puller.

You see, while a yank to the dog leash might do just a little to bigger dogs, it can lead to severe neck injuries like tracheal collapses, a chronic and progressive disease that involves to obstructed airway and crushed windpipe.

YES, it is that serious.

Why Comfort X Step-In?

Is your dog sensitive or frightened of having a harness pushed over their head? Well, Step-In harnesses solve that problem. Step-In refers to the way you put on a harness. Simply have your dog's two front legs step into the harness loops, buckle up, and you're ready for that walk in a matter of seconds.

  US Pat. No. D798,508 S

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