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#10203 - Neoprene Wristband Leash

#10203 - Neoprene Wristband Leash

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6 Feet Leash

Wristband Surfer Leash is all about being handsfree. It frees up your hands and ensures you still have full control of the leash and your dog. It's useful in many ways but especially practical when you want to take a quick photo to capture those goofy moments while you're out with your furry child or quickly reply to a text message your friend sent.

Besides its handsfree feature, it also focuses on comfort and ease of use.

  • Well Padded - adds comfort and cushion to your wrist when out with your dog.
  • Built-in Elastic Band - comfortably holds and adjusts to your wrist sizes.
  • Easy Fastener - easy and quick to put on with the hook-and-loop fastener.

Matches with Escape Free Sport Harness

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