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#04205 - Comfort X Harness Dual Snap

#04205 - Comfort X Harness Dual Snap

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Comfort X Dual Snap?

The Comfort X Dual Snap Harness retains our signature Choke-Free X-Frame design. After all, it wouldn't be a comfort x harness without it.
How it does differ though is that it has a set of different and beneficial features compared to other comfort x harnesses.
Here are its most differentiating features:

  • Easy-Snap Rotational Buckles - minimizes the effort and stress on your fingers when putting on the buckles and rotates when your pup makes sudden turns and transforms the harness into one with a flexible body frame.
  • Flexible Body Frame - contours to your pup's body shape and moves around as your pup moves, creating maximum comfort.
  • Scratch Resistant Outer Layer & Inner Body Mesh - Prevents scratches from your pup's paws or other objects when you guys are out for your walks. The inner layer is made with breathable mesh to keep your pup's body temperature cool.

Why Comfort X?

Did you know that small dogs are more prone to neck injuries from regular collars due to their smaller physique and neck structure?
This is especially true if your little furry member is a strong puller.
You see, while a yank to the dog leash might do just a little to bigger dogs, it can lead to severe neck injuries like tracheal collapses, a chronic and progressive disease that involves to obstructed airway and crushed windpipe.

YES, it is that serious.

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